Since 1972, Linear Magnetics parent company has been manufacturing high quality toroidal transformers in the range from 10VA – 10kVA in accordance with the customer’s specification or as standardized products. We now offer a variety of magnetics products, including power supplies, inductors, filter chokes, and power isolation units.

CUSTOMER SERVICE At Linear Magnetics, sales, customer service, engineering and production control are consolidated at one location for better internal communication of our customer requirements. This allows us to respond to inquiries and changing needs. Application engineering assistance is available at all times for standard and custom products and for new and/or existing projects.  magnet sweeper
magnetic sweeper
magnetic sweepers
magnet sweeper
magnetic sweeper
magnetic sweepers

ENGINEERING Linear Magnetics engineering provides support from concept to the final product. CAD, drawings and support documentation are produced to insure accuracy in manufacturing.
MANUFACTURING Our worlwide factories (with the main facility in Denmark) are equipped with the latest in winding machines, tooling and instruments.
LMC also has manufacuring facilities in Low Cost Countries to meet customer budgetary needs under high volume demands.
Computerized test equipment ensures the final product meets the customer’s requirements as well as the requirements of any needed safety standard (e.g. Demko, Semko, FI, IEC, Kema, VDE, TÜV, BS, UL, CSA, etc.).
With many employees having over 2 decades of experience and specialization within wound components, Linear Magnetics is prepared to assist customers with solutions to meet any challenge.
At Linear Magnetics we offer prompt, professional response to customer requirements and a total commitment to the highest standards of quality, reliability, and on time delivery; and our products are competitively priced.


The toroidal transformer is the ultimate transformer. It offers almost unlimited possibilities for alterations and customizing.
Weight and volume are typically 50% or less than that of a conventional laminated transformer.
The circular core, without airgap and with the windings uniformly distributed around the core, reduces the magnetic field and keeps the transformer quiet and efficient.
The mechanical dimensions can be varied to accomodate equipment design requirements; a great benefit when space is at a premium.
Unregulated Power Supplies are used to operate relays and stepper motors or to generate DC power in distributed power systems.
Linear Magnetics Power Supplies are very cost effective DC power sources in applications where moderate output voltage variations and ripple are acceptable. The design is small, compact and easy to use.

LMC manufactures a wide range of chokes designed for various applications.
Our catalog products are only a part of our product range and our know-how. We develop and manufacture a great number of custom designed products.
With more than 25 years of experience in designing, manufacturing and sales of toroidal components, we can supply you with the optimum solution.
Please contact us with your requirements or for further information.
LMC medical isolation units are designed for optimized patient-contact medical grade isolation.
These units provide a high degree of safety and are approved in accordance with the most demanding of international safety standards.
CUSTOMIZED PRODUCTS Linear Magnetics offers custom design and manufacture of transformers, power supplies, inductors, and filter chokes.
All designs will be in compliance with any safety agency requirements that your design may need.


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