Seven Must-Read Networking Basics Books

If you’re looking to improve your networking skills, there’s a lot of reading out there. While books are not the only way to learn, they can be extremely useful if you don’t have access to a formal program or can’t afford one. In this article, we’ve listed some great books that will help any professional—or aspiring professional—improve their networking skills with clear explanations and examples.

The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Networking Basics

The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Networking Basics is a comprehensive guide that will help you get started in the field of networking. It covers everything from how to build your own network and keep it running smoothly, to how best practices can be applied at home or at work.

The author has more than 30 years of experience in IT management and training, so he knows what he’s talking about when it comes to setting up networks for …

How A Seemingly Harmless Website Can Ruin Your Day

The internet is a wonderful place filled with useful information and fun websites. In fact, you probably use the internet on a daily basis without ever thinking about it. But what if I told you that there are ways to use that same technology to trick you into giving up sensitive data? This isn’t just theoretical — companies have been using this technique for years to steal information from unsuspecting users. If you’re not careful, all it takes is one seemingly harmless website for someone else to gain access to your most personal information — and maybe even ruin your day!

Your computer is infected, and you don’t even know it.

A virus is a program that can infect your computer. It’s like a worm, but it doesn’t have to be physically attached to your device. For example, if you download an infected file from the internet and open it …

How To Keep Your Business Safe Online

If there’s one thing that has become clear in the last few years, it’s this: hackers are getting smarter, and no business is safe from them. That doesn’t mean, however, that you should give up on using technology to grow your business! Far from it. The key to staying safe online isn’t giving up technology; it’s being smart about how you use it. Here are some tips for keeping your business secure while still enjoying all the benefits of going digital:

Always keep your computer’s software up to date.

Always keep your computer’s software up to date.

Updates are free and can fix security vulnerabilities, improve the performance of your computer, or add new features. This is particularly important for operating systems like Windows 10 which have automatic updates turned on by default (although you can choose not to install them).

Don’t share your passwords with anyone.

  • Don’t share your

How To Secure Your Wireless Network At Home

In today’s world, it can be difficult to keep your home network secure. New vulnerabilities are discovered all the time and hackers are always finding new ways to access your data. However, there are steps you can take to better protect yourself, including updating your router and turning on password protection. In this post we’ll cover these topics and more as we explore some simple ways you can protect your wireless network at home.

Change the admin password.

  • Change the admin password.

The first thing you should do is change the admin password on your router and all devices that use it, such as computers and smartphones. The best way to do this is by using a combination of letters, numbers and symbols–at least 10 characters long. If you have trouble remembering complex passwords or can’t create one yourself (or if you’re not sure what “complex” means), there are many …