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Building a Computer for CAD Software

Building a Computer for CAD Software
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Most computers used to run CAD software must be expensive. But if you use the Autodesk AutoCAD product software then you really can get by with one from a local department store or a discount store. One shop where I buy a lot of machines is a small discount grocery store.

Follow The Minimum Requirements To Run The Software

All you need to remember is that you follow the minimum requirements to run the software. You can find out the specifications on the Autodesk site. I have been told that if you want to have the best CAD computer, you have to spend thousands of dollars. That’s true if you just want to have the best around. Like a car, you can buy expensive luxury models or just buy cheaper ones that get the job done.

Computer Games Are More Enough To Run AUTOCAD

Most computers sold today are designed to play high-end video games. This computer is in many cases more than enough to run AutoCAD. If you want to run Inventor software packages for example then you will need a better the computer and plenty of drive storage space. You will also need more memory installed on the computer. I suggest you find a computer expert to help you buy the computer to run Inventor.

What Will You Look For Buying A Computer

What you will look for is computer speed, hard drive size, and the amount of memory installed on the computer. You also want to be able to expand the amount of memory permitted by the computer because over time the increase in the program will determine how much memory you need.

Video is another area that you need to look for. Video cards and monitors are important. If the video card is too small or does not have enough memory and speed, the image on the screen will be of low quality. Because of this when you move items on the screen they will jerk and hesitate. Also in AutoCAD, lines disappear and ghost lines appear on the screen. This will often cause you to “regenerate” the screen when using the software.

The monitor must be no less than 17 “to make using the software rather pleasant. The best size is 20” to 22 “flat-screen monitors. I personally use three 20” monitors on my CAD computer. I use one for text, one for image screens, and one for research and searching online for additional design references. I have seen a colleague use a single monitor that is much bigger but requires a lot of space on the desk. And can’t divide the screen adequately. You can also use two monitors easily if you use a notebook computer with an external monitor outlet. You simply plug in another monitor and set your computer to use both in your Windows settings. Consult with a computer expert to help with this.