What Is a Metropolitan Area Network (Man) And How Does It Work?

A Metropolitan Area Network (ANN), also known as a Metropolitan Internet Connection, is used by many internet service providers (ISP’s) and internet users who want the capacity to connect to several computers within a relatively small area. It is similar to a Local Area Network but instead of having one main link, a Metropolitan area Network has several separate links. This allows the user to get internet service from a computer in the city center and another computer at home or office to access the internet from a computer in another part of the city center. The most important thing about a Metropolitan Area Network is that it provides fast internet service because the speed of internet connection is guaranteed to be quite high. To understand the topology of a typical Metropolitan area Network, it helps to look at how they work.

A metropolitan area network (man) is made up of individual cities or colleges within a state. A man might have connections with the other individuals in a surrounding metropolitan area by either leased lines or through a dial-up connection. In some cases, a metropolitan area network has a connection through a fiber optic line that connects all the computers within the region. In other words, a metropolitan area network can be thought of as a collection of networks or islands with their internal structure and connections. Each island has its independent capabilities such as power, telephone, and cable connections.

In terms of size, a metropolitan area network has a smaller geographical area and a much smaller number of connections. This can be seen in the man network which consists of just a single state. The city of Evanston, IL has just five schools whereas there are twelve schools in the City of Madison, Wisconsin. These smaller man networks …