Overview Of Wired And Wireless Local Area Network

Local Area Networks, or LANs, are a common form of computer network that allow computers and devices to communicate with one another. A LAN can be connected via wired or wireless connection, as well as through fiber optic cables. Wired LANs use Ethernet cables to connect nodes while wireless LANs rely on radio frequency (RF) signals sent over the air. Hybrid wired and wireless LANs may have some combination of both types of connections available.

Fiber optic LANs

A fiber optic LAN uses fiber optic cable to transmit data over long distances. Fiber optic cables have a diameter that’s about the size of a human hair and can carry much more information than traditional copper wire cables. Because they’re made up of small light pulses, they can also send data faster than other types of network connections (up to 10 Gbps). The downside is that it’s expensive to install and …