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What Is A Networking Device

What Is A Networking Device
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A network is a group of computers that are linked together so they can share resources and data. A networking device is a piece of hardware that connects your computer to the network.

A networking device is a piece of hardware that connects your computer to a network.

A networking device is a piece of hardware that connects your computer to a network. This can be as simple as a router, or it could be something more complex like an access point.

There are many different types of networking devices; some examples include:

  • Routers (wired and wireless)
  • Switches (wired)
  • Access points

Networking devices fall into six categories:

The first category is the Ethernet cable, which you may recognize as the flat, flexible plastic cord that connects your computer to the router or modem. You’ll also find it in wired printers and other devices that need to communicate with each other over a network.

Next comes the router, which acts as an intermediary between one or more networks (or subnets) and your home’s Internet connection. The modem provides access to a wide area network (WAN), like the internet itself; it converts signals from digital into analog format so they can travel over telephone lines or coaxial cables that connect directly into homes or businesses through wall jacks known as “telephone ports.”

Next we have switches: these devices make sure that data packets get where they need go while optimizing bandwidth usage by directing traffic according to its source and destination addresses–a process known as packet switching or bridging traffic flow between two different networks

Ethernet cable

Ethernet cables are a type of cable used to connect devices together. They are made up of copper wires and plastic insulation, which surround an inner core that carries data signals. Ethernet cables can be used to connect computers and other devices to the internet or other networks, such as local area networks (LANs).


A router is a device that forwards data packets from one network to another. Routers can be wired or wireless, and they can be used to create local area networks (LANs).


When you want to connect the internet, you need a modem. This device allows your computer or network to communicate with the outside world via telephone lines and cable TV lines. There are many types of modems that do this job, but they all perform the same function: modulating (changing) digital signals into analog signals so they can be transmitted over regular phone lines or coaxial cables.

Modems come in two varieties: internal and external. Internal ones are built into motherboards or expansion cards while external models are separate devices that plug into USB ports on your computer or router (if you have one). Both types come in wired and wireless versions depending on what kind of setup you’ve got going on at home.


Switches are used to connect multiple devices to a network. They can be wired or wireless, but they all perform the same basic task: they segment networks and improve performance.

Switches are managed by a central device, like a router.

Access point (wireless router)

An access point (AP) is a device that allows wireless devices to connect to a wired network.

The AP connects to the wired network via an Ethernet cable, which is plugged into a router or switch. The AP then broadcasts a Wi-Fi signal that can be picked up by wireless devices in range of it, allowing them access to the internet and other resources on your home or office network.

Wired or wireless modem with built-in Wi-Fi router (sometimes called a gateway)

A networking device is a hardware or software solution that helps you connect to the internet. A modem connects your computer or other device to an ISP (internet service provider), and then passes along data from the ISP through a router or gateway. The wireless access point in this setup can be either separate from the modem, or built into it.

A modem/router combination is sometimes called a gateway router.

With so many different types of networking devices, it can be difficult to know which one is right for you. If you’re looking for an easy solution that covers all your bases, we recommend using a modem with built-in Wi-Fi router (sometimes called a gateway). This type of device combines both functions into one unit and can be easily installed by yourself without any professional help required!