Social Media Scheduling Tools For Marketers

The world of social media has evolved rapidly over the last few years, and in response, marketers have been looking for tools to help them keep up. One of the most important areas where this demand has been felt is in scheduling posts. In this article, we’ll list out a few options for social media schedulers that will make your life easier, along with some pros and cons of each one.


AgoraPulse is a social media management tool that can be used to schedule posts and monitor social media channels. It’s available in both free and paid versions, with the premium offering providing more features for businesses that need them.

The platform allows users to schedule posts on multiple platforms at once, making it easier for marketers who have limited time or resources but still want their content out there for their audience (and potential customers). With AgoraPulse, you can also monitor your competitors’ activity across various networks so you can get an idea of what they’re doing well–or poorly–and use this information when developing your own strategy going forward


Buffer is a social media scheduling tool for Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. It also offers a Chrome browser extension that allows you to schedule posts from any website.

The free version of Buffer allows you to schedule up to 10 posts per profile, while the paid version gives users access to more features including analytics and additional tools for managing multiple social media accounts.


CoSchedule is a social media marketing tool that helps you schedule and publish content. It integrates with other tools like Google Analytics, Google Drive and MailChimp to make your life easier. The free plan includes:

  • Scheduling across platforms (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc.)
  • Creating landing pages from templates or custom HTML code


Hootsuite …