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Tough Computer Components For Tough Environments

Tough Computer Components For Tough Environments
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As most of us sit at our PCs typing away in Word or adding up columns in a spreadsheet, we can forget the humble computer has come to a long means by the decades mainly because it was first conceived. Day-to-day use for many individuals will include some pretty mundane tasks, for example, writing correspondence or balancing the books. Sure, some people will push the boat out and play a couple of games or chat with our uncle in Canada using Skype, this effort is usually done in our nice safe environment. For most, the only real danger is a particularly hot cup of joe.

The PC, however, has several applications through the humble household use all just how up to managing complex systems with a battleship or handling navigation to an army unit in the middle of a desert – in these instances, you cannot simply pop to PCWorld to get your kit – you’ll need some specialist equipment.

If you need to utilize software or control hardware in an industrial environment, then you’ll need to think about using an industrial PC or you’ll end up with under satisfactory reliability. You may think your PC can withstand the rigors of your day inside a factory or over a ship, but because of the things floating around in the atmosphere of all factories, you will most probably find they start to fail alarmingly quickly.

For this reason, whether you’re building on your own or buying complete, you need robust components that can be made for and tested in environments that might be likely to destroy most off-the-shelf equipment.

Some of the items can impact the performance of a PC are:

Chemicals & acid

In a factory or engine room, you will find all sorts of lubricants and chemicals which are essential to ensure that the safe and smooth running of some top-rated machinery. However, a number of these products are incredibly acidic and can damage the internal components of the PC. It’s not only direct contact though, very often tiny droplets can accumulate as time passes and in the end eat through a number of the sensitive components of a computer producing failure.


Perhaps one of the most overlooked environmental threat (unless you’ve ended up flooded!), water may be the enemy of anything electrical unless it’s been thoroughly protected. Most occupation a humidity rating because, and a lot of don’t understand this, there’s water within the air. If the humidity within your environment goes above what your PC is rated for, you’ll start to see problems.


No, you cannot frighten your PC, nevertheless, you can drop it, or even worse, it maybe be subject to sustained vibration or regular knocks. Drop an average PC on the ground as well as likely never start again.

So what might you do when you have special requirements and need a difficult PC to address it all? Well, the key is in the components and luckily there are solutions for all kinds of applications, whether you’re after an industrial computer, touchscreen technology monitor, or 1U rack-mount system.

You will rarely discover the actual correct specification of PC you’re after, already built and ready to go as many systems are bespoke and designed exactly to the application, so you will need to look for the components supplier that can get you every one of the parts you may need.

The correct components together with a rugged chassis might provide you with the starting point for your system you may need. All you may need to do then is marry them track of some type of display and input device and that is where it gets engaging.

The humble mouse has come a long way in recent times but as being a robust strategy for moving a pointer across the screen it’s fairly lacking. Instead, many organizations have done away with these completely and instead invested in touch-screen displays. Touch screen displays have revolutionized how people operate in challenging environments plus they enable website visitors to do much more and never having to wreak havoc on fiddly input devices.

So, if you’re searching for an advert PC that is going to survive inside the toughest environments, don’t visit the High Street, instead check out better quality solutions that can be found, naturally, on the Internet.