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Computer Basics – Purchasing a New Computer

Computer Basics – Purchasing a New Computer
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If you are planning to buy a computer for your own purpose, it will pay you in more than one way to take some time out and know about the computer basics. Once you have a first hand idea about the computer basics by yourself, you will feel much better equipped in terms of selection and purchase of the computer.

The first thing you need to decide on is the type of computer – would you want a laptop or a desktop? Unless you have a job where you have to tour pretty regularly and also carry your computer with you during the tours, it is always advisable to opt for a desktop. The systems are relatively simpler with the desktops than the laptops, the latter being more sophisticated and more prone to malfunctioning. However, if you have extreme shortage of space at your home, in that case the laptop may be a wiser choice as it will never occupy a lot of space in your room. But, if you do not have any such constrain, it is always judicious to opt for the desktops.

Among the computer basics, the first thing that comes is the CPU – the Central Processing Unit. Often called the ‘brain of the computer’, the CPU is important for interpretation of whatever information the computer receives and to process all such data. It is this Central Processing Unit through which all other components of the computer are controlled and monitored.

Next in line in regards the computer basics comes the motherboard. System board, main board – these terms too are often used interchangeably with the more technical term – motherboard. If the CPU is the ‘brain’, then the motherboard is called the ‘heart of the computer.’ It is responsible for the primary circuit. All the important components of the computer – including the CPU, sounds and graphics cards, network cards, hard drives, etc. – are connected to it. There are several forms of motherboards. One of the very common types among them is the ATX.

RAM or the Random Access Memory forms yet another important thing in your idea about the computer basics. The RAM is the computer component that enables you to perform any task on the computer, be it running some program or processing some data, nothing can be done whatsoever without a proper RAM. The pace at which the past will be performed or processed by your computer depends to a great extent on the potential and performance of the RAM. Therefore, pay extra care to the selection of the RAM for your desktop PC while you buy them.

Another of the computer basics you need to get well acquainted with before purchasing the Desktop PC is the Hard Disk Drive (HDD). This Hard Disk Drive is responsible for all forms of data storage of the computer. Two types of HDD are most popular in this regard – the SATA (Serial Advanced Technology Attachment) IDE (Integrated Data Device).

Apart from them, there are a few other necessary elements that form parts of your knowledge of the computer basics like the optical drives, graphics cards, audio cards, etc. Get to something about them before finally deciding on your PC.